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DWP GEC challenge Glasgow Jobcentre cuts

PCS reps from the DWP Group Executive Committee met with MPs and MSPs in Glasgow yesterday, to discuss the closure of 8 offices threatened by the Department for Work and Pensions. Representing half of Glasgow jobcentres and affecting thousands of

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PCS activists turn out to support EHRC pickets

Staff in the Equality and Human Rights Commission are on strike today for a third day. An organisation charged with supporting the rights of the oppressed and discriminated against has decided to make 24 redundancies – of whom 11 are

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Tory government targets Glasgow communities for cuts

The Department for Work and Pensions today announced 8 Jobcentre closures in Glasgow, some in extremely deprived communities. The Jobcentres affected include Castlemilk, Anniesland, Easterhouse, Maryhill, Bridgeton, Cambuslang, Langside and Parkhead. A statement issued by PCS can be found on

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Vote “Yes” in national ballot to reject attack on our redundancy rights

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PCS members in multi-national ISS take two-day strike action

Multinational company ISS, with profits of £250 million, decided that they could not sacrifice a penny of those profits in order to pay staff the new minimum wage of £7.20 (for those over 25). They began cutting the hours of

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PCS LU calls on members to support the Bakers’ union battle for Kumaran Bose

The Bakers’, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) is organising a day of action in support of Kumaran Bose, who was dismissed for speaking out and for organising a union in his workplace. BFAWU have put out a call for

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PCS Left Unity says VOTE YES on Employee Deal

You can download the 1-page LU Vote Yes recommendation here. You can download the 3-page LU Vote Yes explanation for members here.

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Left Unity victory in NEC elections, now win the Group elections

The Democracy Alliance in which Left Unity plays the leading part has beenn re-elected once again to defend and represent PCS members who are in the front-line of the Tories austerity policies. Can we take this opportunity to thank all

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PCS DWP Group Executive recommends acceptance of pay offer

PCS DWP Group Executive recommends acceptance of pay offer The context for the DWP Pay Deal includes years of public sector pay freezes that have depressed members’ living standards. We operate in a very hostile industrial environment, in large part because

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PCS Group Elections open – vote PCS Left Unity!

Group elections are now open – and the fight begins to re-elect fighting democratic group leaderships of PCS. Sarah Spencer, young member, Dundee Pensions branch secretary, and candidate for DWP GEC explains why this means voting Left Unity in group

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