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Jobstown: Not Guilty – trade unions must oppose criminal injustice

One of the crucial things which PCS Annual Delegate Conference does each year, as well as taking the decisions which will ensure our National Executive Committee carries out the will of union members, is remind us all that our struggle

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Unite to defend our offices – petition and rally to defend Bishop Auckland

Campaign update – Bishop Auckland office As part of the DWP “People and Locations Programme”, the proposal to close the DWP site at Bishop Auckland was announced to staff on 26 January 2017. Our Left Unity-led Group Executive Committee (GEC)

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Glasgow PCS opposes DWP office closures

PCS national President Janice Godrich and PCS NEC member Ian Pope spoke at a meeting of the campaign to oppose the closure of DWP offices in Glasgow on Saturday 18th February. Joined by Bobby Young, from the Group Executive Committee

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Left Unity-led GEC builds campaign to oppose office closures

DWP Group President Fran Heathcote called an emergency meeting of the Group Executive Committee on 16/02/17. Reports were heard from all of the DWP regional briefings, which had been attended by Fran, Vice President Martin Cavanagh, Asst. Secretary Sam Hall

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Elect a fighting, socialist leadership of DWP Group

The key task for 2017 will be the building of a campaign that will defend the jobs of our members, will protect public services and will fight for the social security system which our members want. This is why it

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PCS Left Unity

Left Unity is a faction within the Public & Commercial Services Union (PCS) that is represented at every level of the union, from branches and workplaces to the National Executive Committee. We believe in a democratic and fighting union and have a proud history within PCS and its predecessor unions in delivering for members.