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PCS Parliamentary Group keeps the political pressure on DWP

A third backbench debate has been secured by Chris Stephens MP, chair of the PCS Parliamentary group and MP for Glasgow South West. MPs in Glasgow reacted angrily against government plans to close half the Jobcentres in Glasgow and were

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Left Unity has an organising record to be proud of, but much more to do

Marie McDonough, PCS DWP group organiser and DWP City of Sunderland branch Secretary writes. Union organising is a key socialist principle that Left Unity is founded on and committed to. 2016 was a year when the Left Unity DWP Group

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DWP members are very much part of the National Pay Campaign

The DWP Left Unity leadership have been clear from day one of the Employee Deal, that our members would still play an important role in the National Pay Campaign launched by the National Executive Committee (NEC). We have been clear

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PCS Left Unity says: Join the Pay Protest 31st March – say no to the pay cap

No wonder we are angry! Austerity and hardship for us – the highlife for the 1%. George Osborne, ex-chancellor and architect in chief of the pay cap, has just been appointed editor of the London Evening Standard, salary unknown. He

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LU statement on state collusion against trade unionist activists

STATEMENT FROM THE LEFT UNITY NATIONAL COMMITTEE ON STATE COLLUSION IN TRADE UNIONS On Monday 13th March, The Morning Star newspaper led with an article entitled “Thatcher’s War on the Unions”, based on Cabinet Office papers released under the 30

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March to defend DWP Vinovium House, Bishop Auckland

The Left Unity-led PCS DWP Group Executive Committee continue to provide full support to branches and offices campaigning against closure. Vinovium House in Bishop Auckland is one of the eleven hotspot sites across DWP in Scotland, England and Wales where

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Thatcher plot against the left in CPSA

One of the predecessor unions of PCS, the Civil and Public Services Association (CPSA) was famous in the trade union movement as a battleground between the right-wing of the labour movement and the left wing. Today’s Morning Star throws light

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London Mayor opposes DWP office closures

PCS’ DWP group executive committee has received a copy of the letter from Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, to Damian Hinds, Minister of State for Employment, on the closure of the DWP offices in London. In particular, the London Mayor

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Our NHS is not for sale – unions must fight back

Written report from PCS Left Unity member Angela Grant Vote for Angela for NEC and DWP Assistant Secretary Arriving at the “Save our NHS” demo, I was first in awe, and absolute elation, at our ability to mobilise such numbers

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Mark Serwotka speaks: the time for coordinated action is now

PCS is the outstanding advocate amongst the trade unions for a workers’ movement which is prepared to fight back against austerity. At every point, the elected leaders of PCS have stood up to attack the cuts to public services implemented by

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