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Vote for Left Unity in DWP Group Elections

Group elections open tomorrow. If you want battle-tested union reps to lead the union in DWP, then the only option is to vote for all Left Unity candidates. Download and display our 2017 poster. Our record is clear. At a

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Fight the cuts: re-elect a Democracy Alliance NEC

The events of the past year, with several members of other groups elected to the National Executive Committee, have clearly demonstrated that the “opponents” of Left Unity do not have an alternative strategy to beat the cuts and are unable

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Left Unity would welcome the election of Jeremy Corbyn as PM

The National Committee of PCS Left Unity, elected every year by all members of Left Unity, have agreed the following statement on the General Election. Statement from LUNC on the General Election No To Austerity – No To The Tories

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A personal message from PCS President, Janice Godrich

Janice Godrich, national president of PCS, writes to all members to urge them to vote in the national union elections and to re-elect her, to continue the fight with the government office – whether in the Cabinet Office or at

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Vote Democracy Alliance in the 2017 NEC elections

There is one option in the NEC elections 2017, for members who want a democratic, fighting union, who want an experienced leadership that can build genuine campaigns, not just carp and make up slogans on the sidelines. That option is

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PCS Pay Day Protests – smash the 1% cap

Every region of the country and every civil service department were represented yesterday in the PCS Pay Day protests. Those branches which put in the work to build attendance, saw scores of members turn out to show their desire to

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