Elect a Left Unity GEC in DWP; for a fighting, socialist, democratic union

Shortly PCS DWP Left Unity will be posting out our election leaflets; the attached is an image file for copying and sharing across social media. Re-electing a Left Unity GEC is extremely important. It has been LU that has led opposition to the cuts and closures facing staff in DWP. It has been LU GEC members who have turned up every morning to sites taking industrial action against closure. It was LU which fought for a collective agreement that has brought huge improvements to the flexibility at work that staff in DWP contact centres can use to control their own working days.

As well as securing thousands of additional staff in the last year, across DWP operations, it has been the LU-led GEC that has proved how ridiculous and poorly thought through DWP’s corporate hub strategy is, and which has fought the hardest against it. Watch out for the full PCS Left Unity leaflet and nominate all of the following candidates at your AGM. The list of conference elected posts is included below the image. Please nominate these as well.

DWP Conference Block Vote Elections –

Editorial Board – Steve Bramhill, Steve Franks, Josie Green

Scrutineers – Lindsay Miles, Charlie Sloan. Rory Souter, Josie Green

SOC – John Livingstone

GEAC  Grace Bellerby, Chris Clarke, Bridget Corcoran, Pauline Crawford, Lesley Crowden, Josie Green, Michelle Howlett, Colin Mack, Katya Lawder, Liz McGachey, Christine Oliver, Colin Turner.

GWAC – Grace Bellerby, Emily Boucher, Chris Clarke, Bridget Corcoran, Pauline Crawford, Lesley Crowden, Stacia Hills, Katya Lawder, Liz McGachey, Christine Oliver, Viv Perkins, Sian Thomas,

GBMC – Vipin Dattani, Jeremy Bedford

GLGBTC –  Jeremy Bedford, Bridget Corcoran, David Cunningham, Claire Keogh, Stephen Finch, Graham Soulsby, Colin Turner

YMAC –  Fiona Brittle, Craig Jackson, Graham Soulsby, Claire Keogh,

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