Check off & the fight to defend our union

Fran picFran Heathcote, PCS DWP Group President and National Left Unity Organiser, explains the real motivation behind the threat to withdraw check off and how Left Unity within the Democracy Alliance NEC is fighting back

In an openly political attack on PCS, Francis Maude has told government departments that the age-old method of collecting union subs through salary, known as check-off, is “no longer desirable”.

PCS defends the right to check-off, an internationally recognised trade union right. PCS has offered to pay the cost of retaining check-off, which is a negligible amount. Withdrawal without sufficient notice and full access to members will be nothing more than union busting.PCS will oppose such union-busting with all appropriate means, including legal action where necessary.

There is clearly a political divide on this issue within government. The Tories remain committed to withdrawing check-off, hiding behind the story that it is for departments to decide, not them, whilst Maude bullies them into doing it anyway.The Lib Dems however, say that they are against the government proposal to withdraw check-off.

In the run up to the general election, this issue must be raised with all the main parties to expose the real motivation behind the government’s attack and secure commitments on trade union rights.

The Democracy Alliance NEC have agreed all members will be asked to make the switch to direct debit by April 2015. This is a huge challenge for every rep and activist in PCS and all groups are being asked to treat this work as their number one priority. There can be no exemptions – however, important personal cases, negotiations and day to day business is, all become academic if we have no members.

We must not allow this attack to severely impact on PCS’s ability to function, which is exactly what Maude wants. That is why we have to make this the responsibility of every rep and activist in PCS.

No excuses, no delay, ask every member to switch today – your union depends on it.

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