DWP Election 2016: A personal message from Fran Heathcote, Group President

Dear fellow PCS Rep,

I am writing to you in a personal capacity to ask you to use the enclosed leaflets (see attached below) to maximise support in your workplace for Left Unity in the DWP GEC and NEC elections.

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Ballot papers will be issued from Wednesday 28th April and members may receive them as early as Saturday April 30th. Most members vote in the first few days so ideally they need to receive a Left Unity leaflet or Branch recommendation by Friday 29th April. You can use our ‘4 steps to winning’ leaflet to maximise the vote for LU candidates.

I am proud of the record of the Left Unity­-led GEC in defending members against the attacks from both the government and the employer. Whether it’s fighting for decent pay, campaigning for more staff and preventing compulsory redundancy or working tirelessly to sign members up to direct debit, our approach has been to work closely with branches and regions. Listening to the views of representatives across the union has been, and will remain, critical to the success of our campaigns. Despite our past successes we cannot afford to be complacent. DWP members remain at the sharp end of this government’s attacks. We have a government hell-bent on decimating the public sector, we still need more staff. Office closures are a massive threat under the People and Locations strategy, attendance management policies put more of our members at risk of dismissal and privatisation continues to be high on this government’s list of priorities. We need a strong, determined leadership. A leadership prepared to negotiate but one also willing to fight when necessary. A leadership with the proven negotiating experience and skill to defend members in DWP and the public we serve.

If we are re­elected I guarantee that we will keep listening and acting on your concerns. We will continue to work closely with the national union under the leadership of Janice Godrich and Mark Serwotka, to put the full strength of DWP behind every campaign. With your support we can win these elections. If you want to contact me about these elections, Left Unity or any PCS matter you can do so at any time. Feel free to email me at home on fran[AT]heathcote156.fsnet.co.uk (remove [AT] and insert @).

Yours in solidarity
Fran Heathcote

Download a printable version of the leaflets to encourage members to vote for Left Unity candidates.

[Main Leaflet for all members – click to download]

[Branch Recommendations 2016 – click to download]

[Fran Heathcote, personal message – click to download]


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