DWP Left Unity Slate now available

DWP Left Unity Conference recently met and agreed Left Unity motions as well confirming the DWP vote for the slate. DWP Left Unity members should nominate the full slate (available below or to download here) to their Branch AGMs as well as the motions. Make sure you’re in communicating with your regional & group Left Unity Convenor and election materials will be available soon.

DWP Left Unity Slate 2014

GEC Officers

President: Fran Heathcote

 Vice President 

Martin Cavanagh, Helen Flanagan, Adam Khalif, Katrine Williams

 Assistant Secretary

Ian Bartholomew, Dave Burke, Chris Cuthbert, Martin Foreman, Sam Hall, Mark Page, Steve Swainston

 Organiser: Marie McDonough

Treasurer: Bashir Chilwan

Journal editor: Tony Church

 Group Executive Committee

Alison Carass, Jason Ferraby, Janice Godrich, Angela Grant, Sharon Green, Glen Hatwood, Kevin McCafferty,, John McInally, Brian Nairn, Dave Owens, Ian Pope, Carol Revell, Annette Rochester, Sian Ruddick, Dave Semple, Steve West,  Ian Wilkinson.

 1st 2 Runners up (should also get a nomination) Aidan Armitage, Rachael Watts

 Editorial Board – Steve Bramhill, Steve Franks, Carrie – Anne Watkins

 Standing Orders Committee – John Freeman, Sian Thomas

 Black Members – Sonia Lowe, Ishver Mistry, Claudia Mundell, Paul Scott, Winston Resalsingh + 1 vacancy

 Womens Committee

Serena Cheung, Pauline Crawford, Lesley Crowden, Rachel Heemskerk, Valerie Holman, Liz McGachey, Janet O’Malley, Viv Perkins, Sian Thomas, Carrie Anne Watkins, Rachel Watts, Jackie Wood


Jan Baxter, Grace Bellerby, Chris Clarke, Bridget Corcoran, Pauline Crawford, Dave Cunningham, Rachel Heemskerk, Shaun Langdon, Katya Lawder, Liz McGachey,

Janet O’Malley, Colin Turner


Jan Baxter, Max Behrens, Sean Langdon, Chris Carroll, Bridget Corcoran, Claire Jay,

Shirley Jay, Al Robinson + 4 vacancies

Young Members – Martin Haynes + 13 vacancies

Group Scrutineer – Lyndsay Miles, Claudia Mundell, Tracey Hanlon, Rory Souter

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