Elect a fighting, socialist leadership of DWP Group

The key task for 2017 will be the building of a campaign that will defend the jobs of our members, will protect public services and will fight for the social security system which our members want. This is why it is more important than ever for branches to nominate Left Unity candidates. They have a proven track record, winning thousands of permanent staff in DWP in 2016, leading a campaign that has won concessions for union members in Universal Credit, and defeating attempts to privatise Access to Work.

When office closures were announced in Glasgow, PCS Left Unity members of the GEC were in the forefront of a campaign that shocked the government and exposed DWP as being utterly unconcerned with the impact of the cuts to our members and the claimants our members work to help. The sustained media, parliamentary and member-led campaign has the potential to protect our offices. Union members will unite behind a leadership that can build such a fighting response to Tory cuts. That leadership is PCS Left Unity.

You can download the PDF of the leaflet here.

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