Fran Heathcote, DWP President, on why you should vote Left Unity

Fran HFran Heathcote, DWP President and Left Unity member, describes why its vital you vote LU in the DWP and help drive the vote out in your branch. DWP election materials are available from the top menu in the LU Groups section.


Ballot papers will be issued from Wednesday 23rd April and members may receive them as early as Saturday April 26th.Most members vote in the first few days so ideally they need to receive a Left Unity leaflet or Branch recommendation by Friday 25th April. You can use our ‘4 steps to winning’ leaflet to maximise the vote for LU candidates.


I am proud of the record of the Left Unity-led GEC in defending members against the attacks from both the government and the employer.

Whether it’s resisting threats of compulsory redundancy, gaining commitments to protect those Shared Services members whose jobs were privatised or securing major improvements to the facility time proposals, our approach has been to work closely with branches and regions.

Listening to the views of representatives across the union has been, and will remain, critical to the success of our campaigns.

Despite our past successes we cannot afford to be complacent. DWP members remain at the sharp end of this government’s attacks. In Shared Services we have the threat of offshoring which threatens jobs and the security of our personal data, new attendance management policies put more members at risk of dismissal and could affect any of us and privatisation continues to be high on this government’s list of priorities. We must also put all our efforts into addressing the threats posed by the removal of check-off.

With the general election looming in 2015, the reality is that the scale of the attacks we face is only likely to increase. Pay talks start soon and the further 1% cap is not enough and must be challenged. We must fight to get members the pay rise and progression they so desperately need.

We need a strong, experienced leadership to defend members in DWP and the people we serve – a leadership prepared to negotiate but one also willing to fight when necessary.


If we are re-elected I guarantee that we will keep listening and acting on your concerns.

We will continue to work closely with the national union under the leadership of Janice Godrich and Mark Serwotka, to put the full strength of DWP behind every campaign.

With your support we can win these elections

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