Get your Left Unity leaflets here – build a fighting, socialist, democratic union

Below are image files that can be shared on social media. If you want to print out the leaflet, a PDF version is available by clicking on this link. The Democracy Alliance, of PCS Left Unity and the PCS Democrats, has been at the forefront of efforts to build a united campaign across the labour movement to fight on pay.

At TUC, we were instrumental in pressing the demand for a 5% pay rise across the public sector. Our concerted campaign included the 2017 ballot on pay, saw an unprecedented 48.8% of members turn out to vote in a national ballot, with huge votes in favour of smashing the cap and taking industrial action.

2018 must be the year that we beat the Tory anti-union laws; get involved – join PCS Left Unity, let’s win the elections to ensure our union has the leadership it deserves and let’s make sure our fight for a 5% pay rise, for the end of attacks on our redundancy protections and for a return to national collective bargaining across the entire civil service.

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