Left Unity leading the fight back in Group campaigns

In groups across the union, Left Unity is at the forefront of organising and campaigning to fight back against austerity. Leading Left Unity members give updates from their groups not only on what we’re fighting against but how we can win.

Lorna MerryLorna Merry, HMRC Group President
In the HMRC Group, members walked out for the third time in 6 weeks in support of the jobs and staffing campaign. In the run up to the action, HMRC management refused to meet PCS and issued a series of messages to staff attacking PCS and pleading with members to break the strike. Their attempts to undermine the union backfired as members rightly saw their increasing desperation as an admission that PCS action was having an impact. The campaign continues with action short of strike.

Austin Harney, MoJ Group Member
PCS members had a one day strike on 30th June in Newport and Bootle, “work to rule” and solid picket lines against MoJ Shared Services’s plans to outsource, and probably, offshore most of the jobs to India. It boosted more recruits and closed the Bootle office! As the employer is not listening, there was an overall six days of further action since July 24th. It is a tough battle but these PCS members are serious!”

Eleanor Haven, Land Registry Group Member Elenor Haven
PCS in Land Registry has recently won some major concessions for our members. We have run a high profile campaign against the proposals to effectively privatise the agency; gaining the support not just of our members but also of industry professionals, campaigning organisations and cross party support in parliament.
As a result of our campaigning the proposals to privatise Land Registry have been shelved for at least the next year or two. PCS has also recently won an important Employment Tribunal on the contractual right of our members to pay progression.

Lawrence Dunn, Home Group Assistant Secretary
In the Passport Office, members are embroiled in a high profile campaign to fix the staffing problems which have caused massive backlogs this Summer and end HMPO’s status as the poorest paying member of the Home Office “family”.
Members participated in well supported strike action on July 28th which, despite the usual bluster and hand wringing from the Government and the sections of the media, received widespread support from members of the public who visited the various Passport Office’s on the day of the action.
The campaign continues and Left Unity members are leading on consulting members on an escalation over the coming months to tie in with the union’s targeted action strategy.

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