Left Unity victory in NEC elections, now win the Group elections

12998685_10154193975039797_3097030845266023389_nThe Democracy Alliance in which Left Unity plays the leading part has beenn re-elected once again to defend and represent PCS members who are in the front-line of the Tories austerity policies. Can we take this opportunity
to thank all comrades for all their hard work during the election period to secure this result including getting Janice Godrich re-elected as President for the fourteenth time, a tremendous achievement.

Janice and the Democracy Alliance national executive committee will continue to work with general secretary Mark Serwotka to build the fight-back against austerity policies and will continue to demand other public sector unions and the TUC build the type of coordinated campaigns and action that can defend our terms, conditions and services. PCS have survived an attempt to smash our union but we not only survived but are growing stronger – a testament to a campaigning socialist leadership.

It is significant that there was no organised right-wing presence in the national elections this year which is a result of their complete failure to offer a serious alternative to the union’s campaigning leadership. Those who did stand against the leadership did so on the basis of attacking the union leadership and not the Tories for the attacks on members terms and conditions, and offering only a strategy of selective action i.e., paying small groups of members’ to take action for everyone else, and using the legal system. By selling the idea there are easy ways to defend our members’ interests in this period of unrelenting attacks is totally irresponsible and plain populist opportunism.

The Democracy Alliance will continue to prioritise the strength of our union at workplace level to ensure that when action is taken it is effective, deliverable and sustainable.

Group elections are still in progress and Left Unity urges members to vote for a fighting socialist leadership there too.

Gordon Rowntree
National Secretary

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