PCS DWP Elections – Nominate today!

DWP Group President and Left Unity President

With DWP AGMs taken place, Left Unity is asking for your nominations and support. Leaflet and nominations can be found here.

In the next few weeks every DWP branch will hold its AGM. This is an opportunity to nominate candidates for this year’s PCS DWP Group Executive Committee elections and DWP block vote elections at conference and we are asking for your vote. We believe they are a balance of strong, experienced union reps who will consult you and involve you in campaigns to back up negotiations. The period ahead will be tough. You need a GEC with the ability and experience to stand up for you. They will work together with you for better pay and for better conditions at work.

Getting Results
Working with you and your local reps to make gains, this year the current Left Unity GEC has:

  • Mounted a huge campaign over low pay in DWP in which thousands of members got involved, forcing DWP to go to the Treasury and get agreement to break the 1% pay cap, one of only two departments to be successful in getting agreement for pay flexibility.
  • Continued to prevent compulsory redundancies within DWP and secured permanent jobs for FTA staff, ensuring that all Universal credit FTAs were made permanent.  Negotiated increases in staffing levels in various arms of Operations 
  • Supported Universal Credit sites in Glasgow and Bolton in their industrial action submission, backing up their action with negotiations which led to a successful outcome, ensuring working conditions in Universal Credit will be better for everyone in UC as a result of the campaign. 
  • Secured talks with DWP about a better, more flexible approach to ways of working across the business, with potential to make improvements throughout DWP. 
  • Worked with branches to sign up record numbers during the direct debit campaign, negotiating throughout to ensure reps had full access to members and the maximum sign-up time. Leading to approximately 90% of members signing up.
  • Taken DWP to court over DWP’s decision to remove check-off – a date has now been set for the hearing. 
  • Defended terms & conditions for all DWP staff, preventing the worst elements of Cabinet Office policies from being introduced in DWP 
  • Successfully challenged proposals in Brighton jobcentre to reduce the amount of security guard cover available, defending the health and safety of members in that office.

Their Promise
These candidates will continue to work with you to negotiate and campaign for more staff and job security for us all. They will fight for a decent pay rise for all whilst protecting your working conditions. They will continue to campaign for the best terms and conditions for all staff and for more improvements to attendance management. They will continue to fight to stop office closures and oppose any privatisation of our work. Finally, they will work closely with Mark Serwotka and Janice Godrich to put the full weight of the DWP members behind the national campaign to defend our jobs, conditions and pensions.

YOUR VOTE COUNTS – MAKE SURE YOU USE IT Every nomination for these Left Unity candidates sends a message to management that you want a strong campaigning union that will continue to defend your interests. Make sure you take the time to nominate them at your branch AGM and ensure a strong, capable union leadership in the tough period ahead. Nominate your candidates today.

Click here to download the DWP Leaflet and Slate for nominations.

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