PCS Elections 2018: Let’s get out the vote for a fighting, democratic union – vote Left Unity

Glasgow PCS reps gather to demand £33 million in pay lost due to the Tory pay cap. Across the country, PCS Left Unity reps have been to the forefront of organising to smash the cap.

All LU comrades across PCS will be in the middle of organisational efforts for the statutory ballot on pay that we are aiming to hold in 2018. Branches can use the elections as a test-run, to drive turnout in the elections, to show decisively that our union is ready to take on the Tories. Left Unity decisively wins elections in PCS when turnout is at its highest, so let’s get out the vote. Some resources are attached to support that.

For standing outside workplaces, we have the National Leaflet 2018 Final.

For any reps who need convincing, discuss with them using our record 2018 leaflet.

Lastly and crucially, make sure your branch – especially if it was passed at the AGM – makes a recommendation on behalf of the branch reps to all members. This is the recommendation 2018 leaflet. It is in PDF format like the others, so it cannot be changed – but if you want to put your branch name at the top you can EITHER email any member of the Left Unity National Committee for a Word Document version OR if you’re a computer whiz, you can take a snapshot of the PDF and paste it into a word document, then paste an image file of your branch banner over the top of it.

Good luck to all socialists standing for Left Unity in PCS in 2018.

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