PCS Left Unity says: Join the Pay Protest 31st March – say no to the pay cap

Break the 1% Pay cap

The Democracy Alliance-led NEC calls for all reps and members to get involved in the fight to break the cap

No wonder we are angry! Austerity and hardship for us – the highlife for the 1%.

George Osborne, ex-chancellor and architect in chief of the pay cap, has just been appointed editor of the London Evening Standard, salary unknown. He will remain as an MP pocketing £74,000 pa for this, £800,000 for 15 speeches, £650,000 for spending 1 day a week with an American bank, oh, and let’s not forget £40,000 from the family business. The picture for public sector workers could not be more different.

•​ The Independent think-tank (Resolution Foundation) says the wages of 5.4 million public sector workers are worth less now than in 2010 and if things carry on as they are that by the end of the decade wages will on average be £1700 lower than in 2010.
•​ PCS’s own independent research shows that civil servants’ average earnings have fallen by 8% and if things carry on as they are that by the end of the decadeaverage civil service pay will fall in value by 20%

These staggering statistics underline the reason as to why the pay cap must end and why PCS are entirely justified in submitting a claim for 2017 for a pay increase of 5% or £1200, whichever is the greater, a living wage of at least £10 per hour for all and the return to national bargaining for all staff in the civil service and related bodies.

The union needs to consider all options available to it including building co-ordinated action within and between groups and public bodies as part of a civil service wide campaign against the pay cap.

Our pay misery is shared by all public sector workers. Which is why PCS has called on the TUC to implement the policy agreed at its 2016 conference to back and coordinate action across public sector trade unions to bury the pay cap. This government did a U-turn on self-employed National Insurance increases. Action by unions across the public sector can achieve a similar result in abolishing the pay cap imposition.

On 31st March, get involved in pay protest action. Demonstrate our anger and determination to achieve justice on pay and break the pay cap.

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