PCS LU on why you should vote YES to an independent Scotland

The Left Unity led PCS has done more than other unions to give its members a real chance to engage in the debate around the Scottish Independence Referendum. PCS has placed our “Alternative to Austerity” and our demands on jobs and conditions at the heart of our activity. Members have repeatedly told us that what they want above all else are high quality public services. It is precisely this issue – what kind of Scotland we want to live in – which is right at the heart of the debate.

Download the full PCS LU Scottish Referendum material here to distribute in your branches.

The referendum has generated a huge debate and is involving lots of people in politics for the first time. Many of them are PCS members, promoting the PCS Alternatives on the economy, welfare and the future of public services.

PCS Left Unity is strongly recommending that you vote YES. All the main Westminster parties, including Labour, are committed to austerity – the failed policies of cuts and privatisation that is destroying jobs, conditions and services and means a brutal dependency on foodbanks for many. Better Together only offers more of the same.

The SNP white paper “Scotland’s Future” doesn’t have all the answers and doesn’t offer the socialist society we would like to see.  However it does offer a vision of a more progressive Scotland.  While supporting a YES vote we campaign for the policies that can secure a more fair and equal Scotland:

  • Fair pay and pensions
  • No privatisation: nationalisation of essential services and of banks
  • Council housing and investment in renewable energy
  • Repeal of the anti-trade union laws
  • Progressive taxation where all pay their fair share
  • A welfare system and National Health Service based on need

PCS Left Unity fully supports the right of the Scottish people to self-determination. We reject the idea that the referendum is about narrow nationalism, which it is not.  It is about democracy, and the legitimate wish of the people to decide their own political destiny.  It isn’t about the SNP, nor indeed about any one political party, but about the future governance of Scotland.  We will finally have the ability to elect a Parliament with full powers. We will finally be able to support candidates who will fight for the kind of socially just, fair and more equal Scotland we all want to live in, instead of one where even the provision of the most basic necessities is at risk.

“PCS has achieved significant gains for members in Scottish departments.  We have won a no-compulsory redundancy guarantee, with a public promise from the First Minister (FM) and Deputy FM to extend this to all Scottish civil servants following a YES vote.  We have defended reps facility time, secured a living wage for civil servants and a better deal on pay than that offered by Westminster.  With independence we could achieve so much more.  This is why I’m voting YES, and encouraging PCS members to vote YES” 

Cheryl Gedling PCS NEC, p/c

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