PCS members in multi-national ISS take two-day strike action


PCS Deputy President and Left Unity member Kevin McHugh, and HMRC GEC and Left Unity member Tracy Boyce bring solidarity to the ISS strike pickets 26/07/16

Multinational company ISS, with profits of £250 million, decided that they could not sacrifice a penny of those profits in order to pay staff the new minimum wage of £7.20 (for those over 25). They began cutting the hours of staff who work on the contract ISS has with HM Revenue and Customs.

The Left Unity-led Group Executive Committee, the elected body of reps that runs the union in HMRC, has repeatedly pressed national management to guarantee a living wage for all staff working on contracts offered to the private sector by the department, but they have routinely refused.

Cleaners from six offices voted for strike action, with 66% participating in the ballot and 100% voting for strike action, and the two day strike began yesterday, on 25th July.

Senior managers from ISS had to be deployed to cover the work of the cleaners, due to the success of the strike. Bootle Taxes and Liverpool City branches are discussing the option of escalating strike action should ISS refuse to reconsider it’s position. A strike report is available on the PCS website.

Members and supporters of Left Unity can donate to the online strike fund.


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