PCS Pay Day Protests – smash the 1% cap

Every region of the country and every civil service department were represented yesterday in the PCS Pay Day protests. Those branches which put in the work to build attendance, saw scores of members turn out to show their desire to break the 1% pay cap.

It’s impossible to gather together all of the pictures. In Scotland alone, there were protests in Cumbernauld, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Musselburgh, Inverness, Aberdeen, Dundee, East Lothian and plenty of others, sometimes more than one protest, covering different departments.

What follows gives a flavour for the true spread of the protests, which were an inspiring reminder that we’re one PCS family and will fight on together.

It’s worth noting that HMRC treated the pay petition as industrial action and denied all facilities for the pay day protest, showing that the employers our members work for are still determined to smash the union wherever they can.

Janice Godrich, National President, and members of the NEC, lead the protest outside the Treasury in London.

Central protest in Glasgow, Buchanan St, addressed by DWP Greater Glasgow Chair, Charlie Liddle

Katrine Williams, NEC candidate and VP of DWP Group, leads a joint protest outside Welsh Gov’t Cardiff

The most remote pay day protests? Lochinver workers from Marine Scotland demand fair pay.

NEC member Zita Holbourne leads BIS London protests

Kevin McHugh, HMRC GEC and PCS Deputy President, with protesters at Benton Park View, deepest darkest North East

Darlington DBS staff voice their demand to break the cap.

Lawrence Dunne and Home Office & DBS staff join the protests on the Mersey

NEC member Candy Udwin sent in pictures from the protests of culture sector PCS members. This group is protesting outside the British Museum, London.

ACAS and BIS staff addressed by Nick Parker, former branch secretary of DWP Lincoln. Across the Midlands, workers turned out for pay day protests.

DWP Wirral, led by NEC member Martin Cavanagh, proudly rubbishing the claims that DWP workers can’t be involved with the pay day protests. Birkenhead Land Registry joined in the protests.

HMRC Edinburgh showing that across the civil service, across all major cities and departments, the campaign for fair pay must continue.

Steven Warwick from the national Young Members Committee and DEFRA members

NIPSA President Carmel Gates and General Council members join together to show solidarity with the PCS Pay Day protests from NI Civil Service staff. NIPSA and DWP Group have been working very closely together on Universal Credit.

HMRC Bathgate members are joined by Neil Findlay MSP, chair of the PCS parliamentary group in the Scottish parliament.

NEC member and DWP Group President Fran Heathcote pictured with Greater Manchester ARMs members, united behind PCS in seeking to break the pay cap.

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