Re-elect the best campaigners for DWP members: Vote PCS Left Unity!

The Group Executive Committee elections in DWP, the largest group of members within PCS, begin today. It is a crucial task to re-elect a campaigning, socialist leadership in DWP Group.

This is your base for materials for the elections. You can find a main leaflet to hand out to members here. You can download a branch recommendation leaflet here. You can find a personal message from Fran Heathcote, our Group President, here.

Two years ago, our opponents refused to stand for the role of Assistant Secretary because they didn’t want the real work that goes with bargaining on behalf of PCS members with a hostile employer. One year ago, they won an Assistant Secretary post – and for a year they have done absolutely nothing for our members, which is why their incumbent to this post is not running for it again but is instead challenging Fran Heathcote, the incumbent group president and an experienced negotiator, an effective organiser, a socialist and a leader.

Meanwhile, the Left Unity members of the GEC have worked hard to fight for permanent jobs for our Fixed Term Appointments. They have won extensions and have supported branches to develop a campaign to secure jobs for these members.

Meanwhile, the Left Unity GEC have worked hard to make DWP change its Attendance Management Policy, that for years has been a conveyor belt getting rid of staff. The improvements won will save jobs.

Meanwhile, the Left Unity GEC have fought hard to build the national campaign on pay within DWP – to ensure that members are aware that the Employee Deal is not the last word on pay. Over and above the Employee Deal – which was the best pay rise some of our members have ever seen – we will still fight hard for 5% or £1,200 for all members.

Electing a Left Unity GEC is electing the hardest workers and campaigners for our members.

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