Support the junior doctors – build for coordinated action

Doctors on strike for the first time in decades, photo by Paula Mitchell for The Socialist.

The following statement was agreed by the elected PCS Left Unity National Committee.

Comrades will be aware that Jeremy Hunt intends to impose new contracts on junior doctors. PCS members are all too well aware of this and previous government’s attitude to the imposition in changes to our own terms and conditions such as pensions, the compensation scheme etc. So we should have every sympathy with the doctors and their fight to protect the NHS, their terms and conditions and the excessive hours culture that many of our members now face.

Left Unity unequivocally calls on comrades to support the doctor’s dispute anyway they can. By attending picket lines, encouraging branches to do the same and also inviting them to speak at local left unity meetings.
There is also a mode; motion that comrades can download and use during this years AGM season.

Their fight is our fight and Hunt needs to be shown that the public, trade unions and the whole country are behind their fight.

The following motion for PCS Annual Delegate Conference is a draft PCS activists and branches can use or build on at their branch AGMs.

Doctors Dispute/NHS

Junior doctors are fighting to defend their conditions of work, but also for patient safety and the future of the NHS. NHS workers’ struggles are a vital part of defending the health service from the Tories’ accelerating cuts, marketisation and privatisation.

Conference believe the junior doctors’ dispute – together with student nurses’ and other student health workers’ fight to save their bursaries, and the return of the NHS Bill to Parliament in March – gives us an opportunity to step up our role in the fight to save the NHS.

Conference agrees:
• To support the junior doctors and student nurses by making links locally, visiting picket lines and inviting them to meetings.
• That we continue to oppose the privatisation and marketisation of the NHS and support the rebuilding of a comprehensive, well-funded, publicly-owned and run NHS.

We also instruct the NEC to campaign in the TUC and along with other unions for a national demonstration in support of these struggles, and to save and rebuild the NHS as a comprehensive public service.

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