Janice Godrich: Use Your Vote – Vote For Democracy Alliance

Janice Godrich, Left Unity elected PCS National President Janice Godrich, PCS President & National Chair of Left Unity, asks for your support and to vote Democracy Alliance. 

Dear member,

 I am writing to ask you to consider voting for myself and my Democracy Alliance colleagues in the PCS National elections that open on the 16th April so we can continue the hard work of protecting and advancing your interests. As we continue to resist the government’s attacks on our pay, jobs, terms and conditions and services it is important we re-elect a strong, experienced and dedicated team to defend you at work and stand up for you in these difficult times. PCS is at the forefront of building the widest possible alliances between public sector unions and within wider society to oppose the cuts. Your Democracy Alliance led National Executive Committee (NEC) ensures the union concentrates on the issues important to you.

 PCS members are right to be proud of their union’s campaigning response to this and the previous government’s attacks. Together we have fought hard to protect jobs, pay, terms and conditions and the valuable services we provide to the communities in which we live and work. Together we have fought hard to protect jobs and pensions. We will continue to work with you to achieve fair pay, protect jobs and pensions. Campaigning works. The Democracy Alliance will continue to work hard to protect members’ interests in these difficult times. Working with you we have: –

  • Negotiated a major national agreement on job protection that prevented thousands of compulsory redundancies
  • Campaigned hard against attacks on pensions and conditions
  • Stopped planned privatisations
  • Won millions of pounds  compensation for members facing problems at work
  • Fully supported departmental disputes that have consistently won concessions
  • Successfully launched a PCS UK wide credit union
  • Built unity with other unions including a major national cooperation agreement with UNITE, the biggest UK union
  • Promoted an Alternative to austerity which is supported throughout the union movement and beyond

My and the Democracy Alliance’s priorities are: –

  • Organise to defeat the attack on check-off.
  • Defend jobs, conditions and services.
  • End the pay freeze. For fair pay and equal pay.
  • Fair and adequate staffing to deliver services.
  • Oppose all privatisations and off-shoring.
  • Oppose attacks on trade union facilities. Defend those who defend members.
  • Fair pensions for all.
  • Improve conditions for call centre members.
  • Challenge discrimination, lack of childcare facilities, unfair sickness rules. Equality for all.
  • Oppose the discredited Performance Management system.
  • A welfare state that delivers for our families and communities.
  • Continue to campaign for our Alternative to austerity.
  • Build a financially strong, democratic, member led union.

Janice Godrich PCS President (personal capacity)


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