Vote for Left Unity in DWP Group Elections

Group elections open tomorrow. If you want battle-tested union reps to lead the union in DWP, then the only option is to vote for all Left Unity candidates.

Download and display our 2017 poster.

Our record is clear. At a time when the Tory government is intent upon smashing trade unionism in Britain, our union has won victories in DWP. The best Flexible Working Hours Agreement in DWP applied in the old Benefits Directorate. Our GEC, through campaigns and negotiations, won the extension of this to the rest of DWP. With application of direct pressure from members, our GEC won extra Christmas leave in Universal Credit. “Schedule adherence”, the essential micro-management tool in our contact centres, has been ended through the patient work done by the GEC. We have won thousands of new staff, and, at a time when DWP has been committed to recruiting only temporary staff, we have campaigned successfully for the conversion of huge numbers to permanent contracts.

All of this rests upon the strength of members, organised in the workplace. With thousands of new members recruited and dozens of new reps trained, LU is key to organising a fighting, democratic union in DWP.


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