Vote YES for Fair Pay

pay_campaign_carousel_2The Left Unity led NEC is embarking on a ballot of members asking them to vote “Yes” in support of our campaign for a fair pay rise including a strike with other public sector unions on 10 July as voted on unanimously  by branches at our 2014 conference in May. Let’s use this ballot to strengthen our hand, build the strongest co-ordinated campaign in order to win for our members and win maximum support from members for this action

The governments continued attacks on public servants particularly on driving down pay as led to many having their pay in real terms cut by around 16%.

Left Unity has consistently argued that a co-ordinated approach with other public and civil service unions is the key to fighting these appalling attacks, so we welcome the fact that other unions are balloting for action and considering taking strike action on 10 July.

Left Unity supports the PCS campaign plan of:

  • Supporting co-ordinated strike action with other public sector unions – including a strike on 10 July 
  • Setting up  a fighting fund – based on a voluntary levy of members to give financial support for targeted action
  • Supporting  and co-ordinating action within employer groups
  • Supporting the “Britain Needs A Pay Rise” national demonstration on 18 October.
  • Launching a major campaign of lobbying MPs aimed at ending the public sector pay freeze.

Left Unity urges all members to liaise with colleagues in other public sector unions, build links and raise this issue through trades councils and campaigning bodies


Left Unity urges all members to vote “YES” and build for a large yes vote with members and branches. Download campaign material from

Since the government announced a pay freeze in 2010 followed by a cap on increases we have seen only around a 6% rise in pay, but with increased pension contributions this has been virtually wiped out leaving a real terms cut of about 16%. With further pension increases and further pay caps due we are likely to continue to be worse off.

It has therefore never been more important to support the fight for the right to have a decent pay rise to protect and redress our living standards.

PCS and Left Unity have long argued for an Alternative to Austerity, an alternative based on tax justice, creating jobs to boost the economy and investing in areas such as housing, public transport and renewable energy. If the will was there the government could start investing in HMRC to collect the £120 billion estimated annual tax gap which would pay for better services in the NHS, Education, clear the deficit and with plenty left over to give hard working public sector workers a decent pay rise.

Instead the government gives their millionaire chums tax cuts while the rest of us pay with our jobs, pay and conditions.

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