What Left Unity activists can do to drive the vote out

LU HDLeft Unity has prepared a range of leaflets and tools to aid LU members & activists in driving the vote out in their area.

All activists should read the LU BEC guidance and the separate election handbook. These documentsset out step by step everything local Left Unity reps should be doing to get their members engaged in the elections and to convince them to elect a fighting leadership. We need every local activist to be involved. Just because we have won elections previously does not mean we can get complacent and the critical battles we are facing means we need to be delivering our message and getting members support now more than ever. The election needs to linked up with national & group campaigns and the issues that matter to members, showing them what we’ve achieved is because of the Democracy Alliance.  Remember, the bigger the turnout we get, the bigger the mandate we have to deliver action.

Election timeline:

–  Before April 18th Get your BEC to vote on supporting and recommending the Democracy Alliance slate in your workplace.
–  Put up Democracy Alliance posters on notice boards.
(Activists should also bear in mind departmental policies when distributing information and ensure they don’t fall foul of the rules.)
Between 18th & 24th April, email out the branch recommendation, or alternatively edit it to suit your group or workplace
– Distribute the Democracy Alliance leaflet outside your workplaces the first week of the ballot. Ask your regional convener to get supplies of leaflets or ask for funding to get a print run.
After April 24th Make sure members have received their ballot, send out reminders
–  1st May Send out final reminders to vote before ballot closes. Get those last few votes in, every one of them counts!

Make sure you send you co-ordinate with your regional and group Left Unity conveners, informing of your plans for your branch and offering to assist in leafleting or supporting other LU activists to ensure we cover as many branches as possible. If you need help in your branch or workplace, don’t be afraid to ask other LU reps for support. Its the areas we aren’t covering effectively that we need to know about the most.

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