Young members – why I’m voting for PCS Left Unity!

12974264_10209287463412408_4714415328117963_nWhy I am voting for PCS Left Unity in 2016
Claire Keogh, Young Member, Branch Organiser in DWP Longbenton (personal capacity)

As a young person who grew up through austerity, the socialist movement is incredibly important to me, and to my future. I joined the civil service aged 16, and since then have been horrified to see the changes to policy, loss of jobs and insulting pay rises. In my personal life, I’ve watched the NHS struggle to provide the service it needs to, and used to, due to brutal underfunding, I’ve lived in dilapidated housing with a seemingly un-contactable landlord and racked up thousands of pounds of debt in an education system that fails to support students who can’t afford to both live and attend their course without a part time job.

I am proud to be part of PCS, because I genuinely feel that they are on my side, and fighting to ensure that future generations won’t experience some of the things I have. I see this most with Left Unity; I believe that having a strong, organised union is vital to continue to make progress against a government that wants to see us fail, and for me, there are no better candidates for the job than them. I see all of my values in Left Unity, and it’s reassuring to know that there are so many hard-working, experienced LU reps delivering results through their PCS work and campaigning – it’s so important to me that we continue to see this happen next year, which is why I’ll be voting for the Left Unity candidates.

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